A Birthday Poem

A Birthday Poem

Here is a short little rhyme
From a proud dad to his daughter
She impresses me every single day
With all the things we’ve taught her.

To my little superstar

A year has passed since you were born,
Every day has been just grand.
From playing hard with all your toys,
To just holding your hand.

I didn’t know what life would be like
Once we had a kiddy.
It really took my breath away
When you were born so diddy.

It was the strangest day that I had had,
In my life so far;
From arriving at hospital as two,
To driving home as three in the car.

I’d watch you sleep and shed a tear
My perfect little girl
You’ve grown so much, made us so proud
You really are our world.

So Happy Birthday little one
This birthday is just the first
Life’s so exciting with you around
With joy we might just burst

Full 1 Year post to follow

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