And She’s Off! Walking Conquered!

And She’s Off! Walking Conquered!

Our lives have just changed again. No we’re not having another baby (sorry, Mum). PG has suddenly found her confidence to walk on her own. So many things are whizzing around in my head right now this post might be random word mush. Do I no longer have a baby (probably not)? Do I have a toddler now (yes I think so)? Do I now have to be REALLY damn careful with the corner of that TV unit (definitely)? Does she need new shoes (yes, I think so, leave that to Wifey)? Can she run faster than me (probably)?

She can walk! Oh my I’m so proud. Wifey and I made such a massive deal out of it when she finally took off. Clapping, whooping, dancing around. You should have seen her little face lit up like a happy light bulb.

This feels like a huge milestone. As if life wasn’t adventurous enough, she’s now got even more control, and is already trying to squeeze into those little spaces around the home where she couldn’t previously fit crawling in (seriously, we’re already having to make ‘tweaks’ so she can’t wedge herself in behind the TV unit and start chewing wires, for example). The difference in just a few short days is really quite incredible. Three of four days ago we had to hold her hand otherwise she’d wobble and fall over. Now all of a sudden she’s as good as running around, she can turn while standing and walk back the other way without falling, and is surprisingly sturdy to say she’s only just mastered this fine skill.

Nursery are going to get a shock when she’s in next week!!

So onto the next chapter in this huge adventure. Time to stock up on antiseptic wipes, bandages, plasters, whatever-else-you-need-to-fix-bumps-and-grazes, as I’m sure there’s going to be plenty tumbles!



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