Baby Sensory Review

Baby Sensory Review

From the minute your child is born, they start to learn. In fact they’re probably learning before they enter this big bad world. The more you can stimulate their senses – sight, smell, touch and hear (skip the taste for newborns, the poor things only get milk to start with!) – the more they’ll learn. These tiny humans are unbelievably curious, and a lot smarter than you think!

Me and wifey decided before Phoebe was born that we would sign her up to various classes, one of which was Baby Sensory. Here is my review (and I would absolutely recommend this class…)

Baby Sensory is an international (yes international) franchise that by its own definition, is a “magical world of sensory learning, wonder, exploration, and extraordinary delights!” Backed by years of baby development research, the weekly term time classes are specially designed to stimulate a baby’s senses in a multitude of ways.

Phoebe enjoying the "Under the Sea" sensory session
Phoebe enjoying the “Under the Sea” sensory session

The first big win is that the classes are a sensible (and safe) size, no one is falling over one another. The classes are split into three sections of around 20 minutes each. The first part alway starts with the Baby Sensory “Say hello to the sun” song which has lots of actions that you definitely won’t remember (I still can’t remember them now) and parents are encouraged to learn them and get their babies to join in. Activities follow and then there is a 20 minute free play section. This middle “break” is a wonderful idea because of your baby needs feeding or changing now is the time to do it, and you can usually get through the 20 minute activity sessions without any whinging. It’s also a really good time to make new friends and chat to the other mums (and dads if you’re lucky, though most of them are normally at work. I had Friday’s in April as annual leave so was really excited to be able to go to these sessions). During free play there is loads of choice, and the things to do with your baby change every single week. Some of the toys etc also fit with the theme. There’s everything from twirly whirly ribbons to bouncy air beds (babies seem to love both these!). After 20 minutes everyone regroups for the final activity session before singing the Baby Sensory “Say Goodbye” song. This one is a bit easier as everyone knows how to wave!

It’s not the cheapest baby group at £7 a session, but it’s worth every single penny and if there’s a choice between this and another class I’d choose baby sensory every time. We go to Baby Sensory North Kirklees and the energy the class leader puts in to every single class is wonderful, and she’s always got time for you and wants you and your baby to have the best time, which we do.

Definitely gets 5 out of 5 stars from us! Phoebe loves it. She even stays awake for the full hour now!!



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