Bags and Blankets

Bags and Blankets

Across the net you’ll find various debates about whether sleeping bags are better than blankets and vice versa. Here are my feelings on the matter!

The first and absolutely important rule about baby sleep is safety. Whatever you decide to use it must be safe (sleeping bags are safe, but you need to be comfortable about what your child is sleeping in, too). No one likes a near miss blanket suffocation incident!

Before Phoebe G was born someone gave us a GroBag. A bit of a fad, we thought, until we tried it out. The little monster has been in a GroBag since she was about a month old. Babies have to be a certain weight before they can go in them, and newborn babies love to be swaddled too, which is how her sleep life began. Fast forward four weeks and she wriggled out of a blanket swaddle like an escape artist fleeing a straight jacket, so it was time for change.

Swaddling - a thing of the past (but super cute!)
Swaddling – a thing of the past (but super cute!)

There are many other brands of baby sleeping bag, and I try not to be too biased (OK that’s a load of tosh but who cares, read my other posts and you’ll agree), but GroBag’s really are great. They have some simple design bits like a popper under the babies arm which stops them ending up in the bottom of the bag like a sack of apples, and they’re also realllllly soft, ensuring a super cosy night sleep. In a sleeping bag, your baby won’t wake up freezing cold in the night because she’s kicked the blanket off either. I’m sure this has something to do with Phoebe’s amazing sleep skills. She’s a bloody pro! I thought I’d have been able to turn my work alarm off by now, but no, she’s asleep way past that. There’s plenty of room in the bottom of the sleeping bags too for her to fling her legs around so isn’t restricted at all. Me and wifey occasionally have a ponder over whether or not Phoebe will be too hot, but don’t forget you can just adjust what baby wears whilst in the bag (ie ditch the vest if it’s warm, ditch the sleep-suit and just use a vest if it’s really hot, and so on), in fact there’s a really handy guide on the GroBag website

GroBag branded bags aren’t the cheapest and you might want to try something a little cheaper before splashing out too much, but mums and dads who have used them never seem to look bag, so take the plunge if you fancy it!




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