Bank Holiday – The Sun Is Shining!

Bank Holiday – The Sun Is Shining!

August bank holiday 2016 and the sun is shining. There. I said it. Written in black and white we had some decent weather in a British summer, and boy did we make the most of it!

I’m trying to scribble this as fast as possible as PG is a bit TOO tired so keeps having a bit of a meltdown, so if there’s any typos it’s tough nuts (for once I don’t care).

Me and the missus umm’d and ahh’d for a while this morning wondering what to do. As we are shortly moving house the tight budget (set by me) is currently even tighter, so we soon binned off any extravagant visits to zoos etc, especially seeing as though we are off to Yorkshire Wildlife Park next weekend – woohoo! More to follow on that after we’ve been.

The first activity of the day was a trip to the local park, as there’s plenty to do – loads of space to run around (though we aren’t at walking stage yet, so not quite there), a lake with ducks and swans, a park suitable for kids of all ages, and a train that runs on various days throughout the week. Heck we even saw Granny walking the dog! The park is notorious for causing traffic jams on sunny days as it’s so popular, so we went early and beat the rush. Parking is only a quid all day, so no big deal there. First stop, the train (actually it was the car boot to change a nappy explosion but I’ll bypass that bit)! We went on a tractor ride at Cannon Hall Farm but this was PG’s first train ride, and she lurrrrved it! We even managed not to lose her over the side as the train rattled round it’s tracks. At £1.40 a pop (under 1s free) it’s worth a few quid, and the money goes straight back into the miniature railway run by volunteers. Without the paying public it wouldn’t run and kids wouldn’t get to enjoy it.

Checking out the scenery on the train ride!
Checking out the scenery on the train ride!

Five minutes or so and a toot toot later we were back at the platform ready for a stroll round the lake. We aren’t quite at the duck feeding age – I can’t wait until we are – but she enjoyed looking at them all the same.

After the park we headed into town to get some lunch. We had a bite to eat, Phoebe did her usual trick of throwing food everywhere, and then we got a call to say a swing we had ordered for the garden had arrived so we had to go fetch it immediately so we could build it and get some use out of it before the rain came, which I’m sure won’t be far away given we are in England.

Note to anyone out there thinking about purchasing a Wilko 2-in-1 swing (at £25 it’s actually a really good deal) – the instructions are horrific. They seem sensible until you get to about half way through and are told to screw the top in, which if not lined up precisely right through the other steps is impossible without taking half of what you’ve just build apart again – unless we just got a dodgy one – but there’s a warning! After an hour of arsing about with screws which cover your hands in some kind of silver stuff, presumably some lacquer to make them weatherproof, the swing was finally built, before the sun went in and before PG had decided she didn’t really care about it anymore after watching intently for an hour whilst I nearly bust a gut building the damn thing. In she went and she loved it! We’ve used swings at the park before, but now we’ve got one at home the garden is even more fun!

Enjoying her new swing!
Enjoying her new swing!

Once she’s older the baby seat comes off and is replaced with a “big girl” swing, and a few more poles are added to the legs to make it the usual height, so it’s actually a versatile product, just a nightmare to build. Hopefully after my efforts no-one will nick it out of the garden.

A wicked day which properly wore her out. Back to the grindstone tomorrow!

What did you do this bank holiday? Be sure to share your fun with us!



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