Fathers Day

Fathers Day

It’s finally here! My first Father’s Day! Last year I got a card from ‘beany’ and this year she’s here, for real, to give me presents and let me put my feet up all day. In a few more years she can bring me beer/tea, too, plus other jobs I can think of. Father’s Day technically started a week early when we went to the Baby Sensory Father’s Day special. This was awesome, and it was nice to see so many dads there, who would normally otherwise be at work during the week.

I’d PLANNED to have a lie in this morning, to kick the beast and Wifey out of the bedroom so I could starfish for half an hour before a magic cup of tea appeared 30 minutes later. First thing’s first. None of that happened. PG Tips thought it would be funny to wake up early at 6.30, have some milk and then chit chat until we gave in and got up (I was secretly a bit cheesed off but now I’m a responsible and loving parent I just got on with it, like you do). I made my own brew (Wifey did offer though, just to keep the record on the straight and narrow), and wedged my eyes open with sticks until I’d come round at about 10am (my friends will know I’m currently cream crackered after playing at a festival on Friday night, which was a laaaaate night).

Now that the dream of a lie-in was well and truly binned off it was present time! If I’d have been a bit more with it I don’t think I’d have been able to contain myself. Today is the day I’ve looked forward to for so long. Another day in the annual calendar when I get PRESENTS! Woohoo!

We were off to a fine start with the card. “To Daddy from your Little Monster” (got that right), with a monster drumming – very me.

The presents were cool too! A picture of Phoebe G for my desk, in a “I <3 My Daddy” frame – that’ll be going straight to work tomorrow. It’s amazing what a nice picture can do on a stressful day at the office.

I also got a personalised Peppa Pig book which originally caused a bit of a stir. A week or so ago I took great pride in telling Wifey that Peppa Pig is crap because it doesn’t even look like a pig. I must say however that the personalised book is actually really cool. It’s all about daddies, and paints me in a really good light (on most pages, one or two make me out to be a bit lazy which is bollocks unless it’s sunday night when I’m not moving for anyone).

Phoebe – as seems to be the norm these days – has been a superstar most of the day and was very into her Sunday dinner at Nana and Pops’ house. Carrots, green beans, Yorkshire pudding. You name it she nommed on it.

All in all, a spiffing day (albeit a little expensive after deciding we needed a pram that folds up reallly small now that Phoebe G is in the sit-up bit. We went for an M&P Armadillo City and managed to get it for an effective £104 from Boots due to various offers. More to follow on this when we’ve actually used it!)

I’ll look forward to more Father’s Days in the coming years. See what presents I get when the little critter chooses her own presents! PG you and Wifey are my absolute world. Thanks for an ace first Father’s Day (now get to sleep!)




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