Giggles Make It All Worthwhile

Giggles Make It All Worthwhile

Picture the scene. The bath is run, there’s bubbles galore. A 7 month old baby splashes around having fun. Then Daddy decides it’s time to play a game! Let’s see if Daddy can make the sticky shapes stick to the shower screen when he throws them. If they fall off, we say “BOOOOOOOOOOOO” at the top of our voices. If they stick, we say “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY” just as loud.

This was the result, and this is exactly the reason why parenting is the best thing in the world (no matter how hard it gets).

Due to PG showing off her lady bits in the video, I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with a few pictures whilst you listen!

2 thoughts on “Giggles Make It All Worthwhile

  1. Enjoying the blog Pete – have recently become a Dad myself and stepping in to the blogging world. My son is eight weeks old so it’s all very new to me! If you fancy a read, check out 🙂 Mike

    1. Hi Mike!

      Glad you’re enjoying the reads! We are in the process of moving house so I suspect I’ll be a bit slack over the new few weeks but I’ll try keep you all up to speed with our adventures. I’ll certainly give your blog a look. Good luck!

      Papa Pete

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