MAM Baby’s First Bowl & Plate Review

MAM Baby’s First Bowl & Plate Review

The lovely people at MAM sent us a MAM Baby’s First Bowl & Plate set, designed for babies 6 months and up who are just venturing out into the world of real food (nom!). Available in a small range of different bright colours, you can pick a colour that suits your child (or more likely, suits you!)

The main selling point of this item is that it is a two stage product. The first stage is a sturdy bowl attached to the non-slip plate to provide a stable eating environment for your baby. A nice deep bowl makes scooping food much easier. Stage two sees the two items used separately, once baby is more confident with getting food from either the plate or bowl, using a spoon or eating with fingers to strengthen that all important pincer grip (PG is a dab hand at this already, but finger food let’s her practice those skills daily).

The bowl and plate are packaged nicely in a cardboard sleeve, they are a decent size and fit more than enough food to satisfy an infant portion size. Busy parents will be happy to know that both the bowl and plate are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, and as with a lot of MAM products they are also BPA free so let your little ones chew it as much as they want.

MAM Baby's First Bowl & Plate is tidily packaged
MAM Baby’s First Bowl & Plate is tidily packaged

The unique design allows for the bowl to be physically attached to the plate to make tipping the contents all over your nice clean kitchen floor a lot more difficult for your baby.

Stage 1 - Clip the two together to create a sturdy eating platform for your baby
Stage 1 – Clip the two together to create a sturdy eating platform for your baby

The plate has a non-slip bottom so when the bowl is attached it really is quite sturdy, on all surfaces I’ve tried (the high chair being the obvious one!). The bowl doesn’t have a non-slip bottom though, so watch out for this when separating the two items. If you position the bowl and plate in the right place you might just be lucky enough that they catch any food being ejected from baby’s mouth after they decide that they suddenly don’t want it in there anymore, or they decide that blowing raspberries with a gob full of soup or similar is a good idea (I won’t post the picture of the missus covered in yogurt, but it was rather amusing)

Stage 2 - Separate the product to give two eating platforms
Stage 2 – Separate the product to give two eating platforms

I’ve got no pictures of PG using this yet, but will update the post soon. We’re usually making sure she doesn’t twirl her pasta all over the kitchen, and I’m also trying to stay off my phone at the dinner table so she doesn’t insist on being glued to tech at the table when she’s older.

All in all a great product which will get a lot of use in our house. It’s a good aid to introduce babies to food and feeding, and complements weaning wonderfully.

Thanks MAM – we continue to be avid fans of your products (can we get #MAMaholic trending?), which are well designed, well made, and easy to use.



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