MAM Night-time Glow Dummy Review

MAM Night-time Glow Dummy Review

I’ve been wondering what to write a review about for a while now (if any manufacturers want to sent me free stuff that’s fine by me, might spur me on a bit) and then the other night at about 3am it hit me, right in the toe as I booted the bleeding rocking horse whilst fumbling around to try and find Phoebe’s dummy after she realised she had ejected it from her gob five hours earlier and suddenly the world was ending. All hell broke lose, the horse ran off (ha), Phoebe cried because I’m useless and couldn’t find the non glow dummy in the dark, obviously need more carrots, and I nearly broke my toe. Oh and Phoebe almost lost an eye because finding a small human’s mouth in the dark is surprisingly difficult, especially when she’s writhing around like a python in a reptile handlers headlock. If this seems all too familiar and you’re looking for an answer to your problems please read on.

Following this incident, we have ditched all non glowing dummies. We are trying to not give PG it during the day anyway, and glow in the dark dummies from MAM are so good they’re worth a special mention here.

To be completely honest there isn’t a massive amount to say. From a leading and trusted manufacturer, there are various different packs you can get and they come in a microwave sterilising box that keeps the dummies sterile for 48 hours. As with most plastic baby sucking devices these days, they’re BPA free and have a silk teat for optimum comfort. The big deal here is that they GLOW (and the glow lasts the night usually too). That’s right folks, you can go into the nursery and in the dark, go straight to it, no matter where it is (in the cot, under the cot, or as we usually find, launched across the room somewhere) and quickly get it back to it’s owner before they have a meltdown and wake all the neighbours. 

There’ll be no incidents with Harry the flaming rocking Horse who gets in the way even though he can’t actually move, no lost eyeballs, no stubbed toes, and the serenity of the night will continue.

You’ll be back in bed in a jiffy and in the land of nod before it either happens again or you have to get up at the crack of dawn because the birds are singing so it must of course be play time.  For the sake of a few quid, these are well worth it and are off the 5 out of 5 scale, mainly because I keep all my toes.
When MAM come up with dummies that start flashing like a disco when hearing a parent whisper “oh dummy, where the chuff are you this time?”, we’ve really nailed it.



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