One Year Old

One Year Old

Gushing dad post follows, if gushing offends you stop reading now….

If my WordPress scheduling has worked, this post should be hitting your screens exactly 1 year after PG was born. 23:44 on December 30th.

We’ve made it. We’re here! Wifey and I have successfully kept a human alive and well (and happy, too) for 12 months. A stonking achievement. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have any doubt that we’d accidentally cause the little beast harm but I genuinely think we’ve done a damn good job. Our child is happy 99% of the time, she’s developing exceptionally well and feels to be ahead of where she should be in some respects, and she makes us really bloody proud.

A year ago, our lives changed forever (Ok so it was 9 months before that) and I particularly was secretly a little scared about whether or not I could be a decent dad. Wifey has worked with kids most of her life so I always reckoned she would win at anything to do with parenting, but actually it’s a journey we’ve gone on together. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can prepare you for having your first child. What feels like the entire population of the universe plus the NHS will give you their opinion on what bottles to us or when you should wean etc, but you end up just ignoring it all and doing it your own way anyway. Our lovely friends did of course give plenty good advice, but to anyone waiting for the arrival of their first little one, you don’t have to listen to any of it if you don’t want to. It’s your child, do it your way (obviously there’s a long list of DON’Ts which should be strictly followed such as Don’t leave you baby in water unattended, Don’t cook your baby, Don’t iron your baby, Don’t let your baby play with plug sockets, and so on, but a lot of it is common sense).

Let’s rewind life a little (if only, eh?). It’s the morning of 30th December 2015, enjoying our last ever lie in. Wifey gets up for a pee at around 9am, still no sign of PG even though she is 3 days late at this point. Pee successful, she trundles back to bed, goes to get back in bed and the “BABY ON HER WAY” alarm goes off (that’s a sudden ejection of water that hits the floor with a splash combined with me saying “Oh shit it’s time” or something like that). The next 10ish hours are frankly a tad boring. Lots of waiting around, scans etc before finally getting a bed. Wifey keeps making funny noises as if she’s in pain throughout, and drains her phone battery playing games all day (before you scald me, I’m well aware it hurt and make my comments in jest). A bit of moaning and groaning later, with a couple of cheeky drugs to speed things up, and PG was born. A sticky gooey ball of a human that would go on to melt our hearts forever.

The last year has flown by, and you really do have to stop to take it all in sometimes. PG has her own little cheeky personality which we all love, she’s got teeth, she can stand, she can get about on her own, she can feed herself, she can say “Hiya”, she can wave and clap, she can throw a ball (which is great because playing ball is now a two sided sport rather than me playing fetch with myself). The list goes on. It’s not just down to us either. There are so many people who have an influence in her life and to those people I’m eternally thankful for helping us to mould our beautiful girl (Nursery, Baby Sensory, Rhythm Time, and not forgetting our amazing family and friends, including a mother-in-law who finds ironing therapeutic and relaxing (yes I did just say that – her words not mine – and she probably thinks we time our washing with her Phoebe day each week – we don’t.. always!)).

There have been so many happy times, some jolly frustrating times, a lot of tired times when just 5 more minutes in bed would have been epic, but being woken up early means we get more time with this precious human.

So here’s to PG and the next year of your life. You bring so much light and happiness to everyone around you and make mummy and daddy so proud every single day. Roll on 2017.



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