Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Me and Phoebe were racking our brains about what we should blog about next, then she said “Daddy what about my super duper pillow” – well she didn’t, she went “ga ga goo ga ga ahhhhhh” etc. If there’s one thing me and Wifey wouldn’t have been without (forgetting about the obvious stuff like clothes, milk, bottles etc), it’s a collection of V-Shape pillows. These squishy objects of joy have a multitude of uses, and are most handy when feeding. We bottle feed, but I suspect there might be similar benefits to those using the good ol’ boob.

A correctly positioned V-Shape pillow means that once your baby gets to a decent weight (ie not newborn), you don’t have to sit and physically hold her whilst she feeds, which we all know results in you looking a bit of tit with one strong Popeye like arm, and the other thin and weedy.

Phoebe loves laying on a V Shape pillow too. It gives her good support and a sense of security (also stops her trying to roll away when we need her to stay put, she’s giving rolling over a good go now!). It also allows her to see the TV, as she’s fast becoming a bit of a gogglebox. We’ll have to limit the time we have it on before long otherwise she’ll be relying on it for entertainment.

If you do get a V Shape pillow, make sure you get more than one cover, and ones which your baby will like to look at. Baby WILL be sick on it, guaranteed, and you’ll need to quickly whip the cover off and get it in the wash. Risking naked pillows just tempts fate and more sick will almost definitely follow then the pillow itself will need a bath.

Phoebe G enjoying her V Shape

Once baby has done with the pillow, try sleeping on it yourself. They’re so comfy!

You can pick them up for less than a tenner so it’s a good investment in our opinion!

Whilst we’re on the subject of pillows, one thing we wouldn’t buy next time around is a special pregnancy pillow. If you’re a light sleeper at the best of times, these are a complete waste of money as they are SO NOISY! Every time Wifey moved in her sleep she woke the house up, so that was quickly evicted. I’m sure they’re fine for some people, but not something we’d buy again since they’re not the cheapest pillows out there (they also take up a ridiculous amount of room).



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