The Eleven Month Milestone

The Eleven Month Milestone

Rather than bitch and moan about how time is flying by way too quickly, I won’t. I know I’m late (again) with this post, and I decided as I got to the office early this morning I’d better get something scribbled down.

As with all the months that have gone by full of learning, development and fun, the last has been no exception. PG is now crawling like she’s been crawling all her life, and will be walking very soon I’m sure. She can stand up unaided now for a good ten seconds or so, before toppling over. Each time she does this her confidence grows and her head gets a little bit bigger(!). There’s been one occasion this month where she’s taken a couple of steps on her own, but as she hasn’t done it since I think that was a fluke.

Hurtling towards her first birthday (sh*t already?) and now firmly in chilly season, one thing that seems apparent right now is the number of damn colds she seems to get. It’s like a production line up her nose, one cold goes, she bungs straight back up with another. Not sure if it’s because of the all the boys she’s been smooching at nursery or what but I wish she’d knock it off as she keeps giving them to me.

Moving along to food (I’m on the clock here, got to start work soon), we’re still enjoying a resounding success with eating. Sure, we’ve had a few times where she’s been a fussy beast but on the whole she’s brilliant, and can sort of use a fork now to stab her own food – the action of stabbing the food is usually more by good luck then anything else, but once the fork is loaded up she knows exactly what to do. Now that PG has some little nashers, eating is a breeze. She’ll be onto steak and chips in no time.

Whilst we’re on the subject of teeth, I’d like to say the last few weeks have been plain sailing. 3 out of the 4 were, then all hell broke loose. A little critter of a tooth turned our chilled out daughter into a MONSTER. I’m not even kidding. She’s barely cried for 11 months and then we were having four hour paddies, not to mention the lounge at home flooded with all the drool that kept pouring out of her mouth! Not what you want to come home from work to really, and it’s actually heart wrenching when you can’t do anything apart from fill her up with Calpol and rub baby crack (teething salts) on her gums. Thankfully she’s got over it now but chuff me it was a shock to the system.

Speech is starting to come on now and Wifey has bought some flash cards to try and get to grips with a few basic words. I’m happy to report that PG can say “Daddy” pretty clearly now, to the point where even questions like “Do you like your Mummy” are responded to with “Daddy.” Guess I must be doing something right eh 😉 (Note to Wifey: She loves you just as much as she loves me, just the Mmmm sound is harder than the Dad sound)

Anyhow that’s your lot – time to do some work. The next posts are going to be biggies. PG’s first Christmas and birthday coming up! All at the same time. Help!



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