All Bunged Up (Again)

All Bunged Up (Again)

As soon as we’re over one cold we seem to get another. Perhaps it’s that time of year (or perhaps other parents should keep their sick children home from nursery. Seriously people. At nursery yesterday there was a kid whose eyes and nose were streaming, had rosy cheeks and looked pretty unwell – and now everyone’s suffering!) Anyway, here I am. Wifey is out with work tonight and won’t be back till late and I’ve got a seriously stuffed up daughter who is struggling to sleep, so I’ve left her to it while I write this (don’t worry I’m pausing when she needs me!!!!)

Why is it always night time when they are the worst? She’s been OK all day until about 4pm, then once I got home from work I had to play super dad and chop carrots while cuddling her and making sure she didn’t manage to grab the carrot chopping knife off me. I know, not safe, but you do what you’ve got to do – just be thankful I didn’t drop her in the carrot boiling pan either. After practising my culinary skills and cooking up a feast of cheesy omelette, carrots and peas, all of which she loves (yes I know they don’t really go together. Thursday teas have to be quick teas), she had about 4 mouthfuls and then wasted the rest of it. Hey ho, she did OK with her milk at bed time after she’d just sat and snuggled up to me watching In The Night Garden (this though, was truly lovely. It’s not often she wants to sit and cuddle at the moment as she’s such a big adventurer, Miss Independent you might say…). Fast forward a bit and I’ve been into her twice already and it’s only 8.40pm, so I suspect we are in for a rough night, not least because Wifey has forgotten her keys so I’ll have to let her in at midnight (minus 10 wife points).

So why the post. I don’t know – I’m a bit miserable as I’ve also felt kak for over a week now but I get genuinely sad when PG goes to bed not feeling well. It’s properly crap. After a long hard day at work I look forward to coming home and having an hour playing with her before we the bedtime routine starts, and I miss it when she’s feeling off it. It’s doubly poo having to sit and listen to her struggling to breathe on the monitor (the Calpol plugin helps here!!). Perhaps this feeling subsides as they get a bit older. She’s still a newbie to life and I’m still a newbie at playing Daddy in the grand scheme of things.

Feel better tomorrow little one – we’ll look after you 🙂



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