Babymoov CosyDream Sleep Positioner Review

Babymoov CosyDream Sleep Positioner Review

This is a long overdue post, given that Phoebe G is almost too big for this, but I thought it was worth a mention as I’m convinced it’s been a contributing factor in making sure we’ve had a baby who sleeps through from just 6 weeks old (excluding last night when hay fever set in – the less said about that the better).

The Babymoov CosyDream Sleep Positioner is baby sleep aid that offers comfort, support, and a feeling of security to young babies. In the manufacturers own words, it guarantees a perfect position to make sure baby breathes better, and her nose and mouth aren’t obstructed to prevent risk of suffocation.

We bought one of these not long after Phoebe was out of her swaddling and into her sleeping bag. When she wasn’t swaddled she seemed really uncomfortable and we thought it was probably because there¬†wasn’t anything cuddling her. A quick Google and we came across this, and thought for forty quid it was worth a punt, so we ordered one. Phoebe thought it was the best thing ever and has really helped her sleep well. It’s got a special cut out to try and prevent flat head syndrome, a micro-beaded leg support, and a support around the head to make baby feel secure. The leg support is adjustable to suit babies of various lengths, and also so the product can grow with your child. The cover is machine washable too, so no need to panic when it gets covered in sick or poop, or anything in between.

When she went in her own room we started off putting her moses basket in her cot, then after a night we took that away and just put the CosyDream in the cot. After a couple of nights we took off the foot support and soon we’ll remove the whole thing. Doing it in stages means it’s not a big surprise when she can suddenly wiggle around – and no doubt get all her limbs through the bars in the cot.

I’d definitely recommend this – I’m sure it’s got something to do with the fact we’ve had no sleepless nights since 6 weeks old. I’d recommend it more-so if you’ve got an especially fidgety child, and suggest combining with a baby sleeping bag if you’re just using blankets!

5 out of 5 from us. Can they make an adult version?!



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