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Chickenpox Conquered

Chickenpox Conquered

Hello folks. It’s been a while I know, everyone (including me) has been poorly and I’m pleased to say we’ve conquered chickenpox. Sadly it looks like yet another boy has smooched PG at nursery and spread the lurgy so we’ve endured a week in quarantine and have come out the other side and are just waiting for her scabs to drop off (we keep finding them in her nappy. I counted 23 scabs remaining on her back and managed to resist temptation to join them up with a pencil). I’ve marked this post as a milestone as I think it’s pretty important kids get chickenpox early. The earlier the better in my opinion. So, how did we get on…

Day 1 – Sunday the something of March (it’s all a blur)
Wifey exclaims in disbelief that the soon-to-be grumpy sod has got a couple of spots and it looks like chicken pox. I go for a butchers at them and sure enough agree they look like the plague chickenpox. Not a good start to Sunday, time to see if all our plans need to go out of the window. Sunday is slap up roast dinner day at Nana’s usually, so a quick phone call to every man and his dog who is going for dinner to check they’ve already had chickenpox is made. All good – dinner is still on (I think I’d have given up here if I was going to miss out on Yorkshire puddings and stuffing). With each nappy change spots are literally appearing before our eyes.

How It Began
How It Began

Day 2 – Monday the something of March (it’s still all a blur)
Quarantine begins. Time to come up with wild and wacky ways to entertain a child who can’t go near other kids until she’s turned into a scabby Queen. She’s now got about a zillion spots on her back which seems to be worst hit. I bailed during the day as I had to go to work and book emergency holiday for part of the week where childcare was going to be a challenge. Cheers kid. Cue idiot moment number one. In I go to the pharmacy and ask for chamomile lotion. Yes, I really said that. The pharmacy man looked at me as though I was a massive tit (which I was) and politely asked if I actually meant calamine lotion to which I replied “of course I did, just testing you.” £3 later and off I went chuckling with a picture in my head of PG in a bath of Twinings tea. This turned out to be a waste of money. PG just screamed when we tried to put it on so we gave up after two attempts as she wasn’t scratching anyway. A bit of Calpol before bed and she remained happy throughout Monday

Things escalated pretty quickly

Day 3 – Tuesday
My first morning off work before Nana took over care of the sick one. I think we watched Toy Story (again) and did some colouring before I scarpered off to do some work upstairs in the afternoon. So far, PG is perfectly happy (this changes tomorrow believe me) and remains so all day. A fairly standard day, just without going anywhere. Night time is where everything starts to go arse-over-tit. I felt pretty minging all day Tuesday and went to bed feeling like I was getting a cold. Fast forward to 11pm ish and PG wakes up. I trot off to her cot to deal with the situation and walk into a wall. Just tripped, so I thought. Picked up the beast and gave her a cuddle before realising I didn’t feel well at all and had to put PG back in her cot immediately. Off I went to throw up and the next thing I know Wifey finds me passed out on the bathroom floor. I’m now being prodded and poked by the doctor to find out what went wrong, and I’m on a driving ban until tests are finished which is NOT AT ALL convenient. Please. Send sympathy.

Day 4 – Wednesday. Now we’re both off sick
Everything has officially gone to shit. I’m poorly, she’s poorly and now she’s getting mad because she’s not done anything remotely exciting outside the house all week. I’m mad because I can’t drive so we can’t even go for a road trip somewhere. Today is when she should be at nursery kissing boys and getting more diseases playing with her friends but no, you’re stuck here. Thankfully Grandma was able to help today as I was convinced I was going to die any moment and not really in a fit state to be in sole responsibility of a mini beast. We now have a poorly daddy and a whiny, mardy spotty madam.

The rest of the week – because I’m bored now
Now she’s extra mad as it’s another day she’s not going anywhere. I’m on strict orders to take it easy and have to go for blood sucking out of my arm (thankfully it comes easily). Grandma to the rescue again today and PG gets her first look at the outside world this week (from the car window) whilst she waits for me to see the phlebotomist. Friday sees more whining and then thankfully it’s the weekend.

Saturday – out of quarantine
Scabs were well formed now and we had planned to go see PG’s godfather today so we did. She was thrilled to be roaming around again given she’s such an adventurer and perked up the minute we left the house. We went to the park and had a wail of a time (and hopefully didn’t give anyone chickenpox. There’s some knob head parents out there who insist on giving you dirty looks when you have a scabby poxy kid playing within a mile of their child. Do one – we wouldn’t take her out if we thought she was still contagious).

So there we have it. It was back to nursery the following week and we’re just waiting for the final scabs to drop off and her skin to heal.

Some top tips for surviving chickenpox:

  • Make sure you’ve got Sky Movies and don’t mind watching the same film on repeat
  • Make sure you’ve got Calpol. Do NOT give Ibuprofen products to children with chickenpox as this can actually make things worse
  • Unless you want to pass it on, don’t go out until the blisters start to scab over
  • Try whatever you can to act as a distraction to prevent scratching. Scratched spots tend to scar leaving a permanent reminder of the trials and tribulations of chickenpox week
  • Get some paper and colouring pencils and go wild
  • Enjoy your time at home! It’s not all bad. PG was the cuddliest she’s been in a long time which was a nice change to the usual “get off me Daddy I’m independent now” attitude
  • Don’t ask for chamomile lotion. It doesn’t exist. Calamine lotion on the other hand is reported to be good for soothing the itchy skin, but as we gave up I can’t really comment on this
  • Always check the latest advice from the NHS here


And She’s Off! Walking Conquered!

And She’s Off! Walking Conquered!

Our lives have just changed again. No we’re not having another baby (sorry, Mum). PG has suddenly found her confidence to walk on her own. So many things are whizzing around in my head right now this post might be random word mush. Do I no longer have a baby (probably not)? Do I have a toddler now (yes I think so)? Do I now have to be REALLY damn careful with the corner of that TV unit (definitely)? Does she need new shoes (yes, I think so, leave that to Wifey)? Can she run faster than me (probably)?

She can walk! Oh my I’m so proud. Wifey and I made such a massive deal out of it when she finally took off. Clapping, whooping, dancing around. You should have seen her little face lit up like a happy light bulb.

This feels like a huge milestone. As if life wasn’t adventurous enough, she’s now got even more control, and is already trying to squeeze into those little spaces around the home where she couldn’t previously fit crawling in (seriously, we’re already having to make ‘tweaks’ so she can’t wedge herself in behind the TV unit and start chewing wires, for example). The difference in just a few short days is really quite incredible. Three of four days ago we had to hold her hand otherwise she’d wobble and fall over. Now all of a sudden she’s as good as running around, she can turn while standing and walk back the other way without falling, and is surprisingly sturdy to say she’s only just mastered this fine skill.

Nursery are going to get a shock when she’s in next week!!

So onto the next chapter in this huge adventure. Time to stock up on antiseptic wipes, bandages, plasters, whatever-else-you-need-to-fix-bumps-and-grazes, as I’m sure there’s going to be plenty tumbles!



One Year Old

One Year Old

Gushing dad post follows, if gushing offends you stop reading now….

If my WordPress scheduling has worked, this post should be hitting your screens exactly 1 year after PG was born. 23:44 on December 30th.

We’ve made it. We’re here! Wifey and I have successfully kept a human alive and well (and happy, too) for 12 months. A stonking achievement. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have any doubt that we’d accidentally cause the little beast harm but I genuinely think we’ve done a damn good job. Our child is happy 99% of the time, she’s developing exceptionally well and feels to be ahead of where she should be in some respects, and she makes us really bloody proud.

A year ago, our lives changed forever (Ok so it was 9 months before that) and I particularly was secretly a little scared about whether or not I could be a decent dad. Wifey has worked with kids most of her life so I always reckoned she would win at anything to do with parenting, but actually it’s a journey we’ve gone on together. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can prepare you for having your first child. What feels like the entire population of the universe plus the NHS will give you their opinion on what bottles to us or when you should wean etc, but you end up just ignoring it all and doing it your own way anyway. Our lovely friends did of course give plenty good advice, but to anyone waiting for the arrival of their first little one, you don’t have to listen to any of it if you don’t want to. It’s your child, do it your way (obviously there’s a long list of DON’Ts which should be strictly followed such as Don’t leave you baby in water unattended, Don’t cook your baby, Don’t iron your baby, Don’t let your baby play with plug sockets, and so on, but a lot of it is common sense).

Let’s rewind life a little (if only, eh?). It’s the morning of 30th December 2015, enjoying our last ever lie in. Wifey gets up for a pee at around 9am, still no sign of PG even though she is 3 days late at this point. Pee successful, she trundles back to bed, goes to get back in bed and the “BABY ON HER WAY” alarm goes off (that’s a sudden ejection of water that hits the floor with a splash combined with me saying “Oh shit it’s time” or something like that). The next 10ish hours are frankly a tad boring. Lots of waiting around, scans etc before finally getting a bed. Wifey keeps making funny noises as if she’s in pain throughout, and drains her phone battery playing games all day (before you scald me, I’m well aware it hurt and make my comments in jest). A bit of moaning and groaning later, with a couple of cheeky drugs to speed things up, and PG was born. A sticky gooey ball of a human that would go on to melt our hearts forever.

The last year has flown by, and you really do have to stop to take it all in sometimes. PG has her own little cheeky personality which we all love, she’s got teeth, she can stand, she can get about on her own, she can feed herself, she can say “Hiya”, she can wave and clap, she can throw a ball (which is great because playing ball is now a two sided sport rather than me playing fetch with myself). The list goes on. It’s not just down to us either. There are so many people who have an influence in her life and to those people I’m eternally thankful for helping us to mould our beautiful girl (Nursery, Baby Sensory, Rhythm Time, and not forgetting our amazing family and friends, including a mother-in-law who finds ironing therapeutic and relaxing (yes I did just say that – her words not mine – and she probably thinks we time our washing with her Phoebe day each week – we don’t.. always!)).

There have been so many happy times, some jolly frustrating times, a lot of tired times when just 5 more minutes in bed would have been epic, but being woken up early means we get more time with this precious human.

So here’s to PG and the next year of your life. You bring so much light and happiness to everyone around you and make mummy and daddy so proud every single day. Roll on 2017.



A Birthday Poem

A Birthday Poem

Here is a short little rhyme
From a proud dad to his daughter
She impresses me every single day
With all the things we’ve taught her.

To my little superstar

A year has passed since you were born,
Every day has been just grand.
From playing hard with all your toys,
To just holding your hand.

I didn’t know what life would be like
Once we had a kiddy.
It really took my breath away
When you were born so diddy.

It was the strangest day that I had had,
In my life so far;
From arriving at hospital as two,
To driving home as three in the car.

I’d watch you sleep and shed a tear
My perfect little girl
You’ve grown so much, made us so proud
You really are our world.

So Happy Birthday little one
This birthday is just the first
Life’s so exciting with you around
With joy we might just burst

Full 1 Year post to follow
The Eleven Month Milestone

The Eleven Month Milestone

Rather than bitch and moan about how time is flying by way too quickly, I won’t. I know I’m late (again) with this post, and I decided as I got to the office early this morning I’d better get something scribbled down.

As with all the months that have gone by full of learning, development and fun, the last has been no exception. PG is now crawling like she’s been crawling all her life, and will be walking very soon I’m sure. She can stand up unaided now for a good ten seconds or so, before toppling over. Each time she does this her confidence grows and her head gets a little bit bigger(!). There’s been one occasion this month where she’s taken a couple of steps on her own, but as she hasn’t done it since I think that was a fluke.

Hurtling towards her first birthday (sh*t already?) and now firmly in chilly season, one thing that seems apparent right now is the number of damn colds she seems to get. It’s like a production line up her nose, one cold goes, she bungs straight back up with another. Not sure if it’s because of the all the boys she’s been smooching at nursery or what but I wish she’d knock it off as she keeps giving them to me.

Moving along to food (I’m on the clock here, got to start work soon), we’re still enjoying a resounding success with eating. Sure, we’ve had a few times where she’s been a fussy beast but on the whole she’s brilliant, and can sort of use a fork now to stab her own food – the action of stabbing the food is usually more by good luck then anything else, but once the fork is loaded up she knows exactly what to do. Now that PG has some little nashers, eating is a breeze. She’ll be onto steak and chips in no time.

Whilst we’re on the subject of teeth, I’d like to say the last few weeks have been plain sailing. 3 out of the 4 were, then all hell broke loose. A little critter of a tooth turned our chilled out daughter into a MONSTER. I’m not even kidding. She’s barely cried for 11 months and then we were having four hour paddies, not to mention the lounge at home flooded with all the drool that kept pouring out of her mouth! Not what you want to come home from work to really, and it’s actually heart wrenching when you can’t do anything apart from fill her up with Calpol and rub baby crack (teething salts) on her gums. Thankfully she’s got over it now but chuff me it was a shock to the system.

Speech is starting to come on now and Wifey has bought some flash cards to try and get to grips with a few basic words. I’m happy to report that PG can say “Daddy” pretty clearly now, to the point where even questions like “Do you like your Mummy” are responded to with “Daddy.” Guess I must be doing something right eh 😉 (Note to Wifey: She loves you just as much as she loves me, just the Mmmm sound is harder than the Dad sound)

Anyhow that’s your lot – time to do some work. The next posts are going to be biggies. PG’s first Christmas and birthday coming up! All at the same time. Help!



Climbing. The. Stairs.

Climbing. The. Stairs.

Oh. Deary. Me. PG has discovered the staircase. Instant regret about moving from a bungalow to a house with stairs (we’d have never even had to contend with this problem in the old house). I joke, of course. It’s better to teach her all about health and safety around stairs at home than on some other random stairs.

Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you look at it, PG can now get her leg up high enough to deal with stairs, and boy does she love the adventure. I usually get home from work around 5.15pm and apart from teatime and In the night garden (both firm favourites), most of the time is spending going up and down the stairs with daddy’s help. Some might think this is foolish of me and I should stop her doing it, but I actually think teaching her properly can only be a good thing. She’s been at this for a week now and we’ve still no baby gate (this is pending, and coming soon, don’t sweat folks). She loves adventuring up to the top, which takes a few minutes, before coming back down again. The latter bit is the hard part and she needs plenty help doing it, but she gets how she needs to do it. She doesn’t just fling herself off the top step and hope for the best – the baby gate would have been up by now if that was the case believe me – and is pretty sensible about it. Of course when she crawls out of the lounge by herself me and Wifey know exactly where she’s going and promptly follow her.

For anyone who has visions of us just lazing away on the sofa letting our child roam around free – do one – that’s not the case at all. We have tremendous fun venturing around the house together, although my knees can’t take much more or this crawling around so I hope she starts to walk soon.

My blogging skills seem to be going out the window at the moment as life is whizzing by at a rate of knots and I don’t want to miss valuable daddy-daughter time writing blog posts, so I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with my miserable attempt at getting new posts out. I’ve also found myself wondering if blogging is actually something I want to carry on with. I know that I wouldn’t want my mum and dad plastering me all over the net, so I might have to change my approach slightly, and maybe lay off some of the photos etc, or change how I take them (comments from other bloggers on this subject would be good!)

The 11 month post looms (7 days, eek!) and then it’s onto the big events of the year… CHRISTMAS and the little monkey turning ONE!!!