Chickenpox Conquered

Chickenpox Conquered

Hello folks. It’s been a while I know, everyone (including me) has been poorly and I’m pleased to say we’ve conquered chickenpox. Sadly it looks like yet another boy has smooched PG at nursery and spread the lurgy so we’ve endured a week in quarantine and have come out the other side and are just waiting for her scabs to drop off (we keep finding them in her nappy. I counted 23 scabs remaining on her back and managed to resist temptation to join them up with a pencil). I’ve marked this post as a milestone as I think it’s pretty important kids get chickenpox early. The earlier the better in my opinion. So, how did we get on…

Day 1 – Sunday the something of March (it’s all a blur)
Wifey exclaims in disbelief that the soon-to-be grumpy sod has got a couple of spots and it looks like chicken pox. I go for a butchers at them and sure enough agree they look like the plague chickenpox. Not a good start to Sunday, time to see if all our plans need to go out of the window. Sunday is slap up roast dinner day at Nana’s usually, so a quick phone call to every man and his dog who is going for dinner to check they’ve already had chickenpox is made. All good – dinner is still on (I think I’d have given up here if I was going to miss out on Yorkshire puddings and stuffing). With each nappy change spots are literally appearing before our eyes.

How It Began
How It Began

Day 2 – Monday the something of March (it’s still all a blur)
Quarantine begins. Time to come up with wild and wacky ways to entertain a child who can’t go near other kids until she’s turned into a scabby Queen. She’s now got about a zillion spots on her back which seems to be worst hit. I bailed during the day as I had to go to work and book emergency holiday for part of the week where childcare was going to be a challenge. Cheers kid. Cue idiot moment number one. In I go to the pharmacy and ask for chamomile lotion. Yes, I really said that. The pharmacy man looked at me as though I was a massive tit (which I was) and politely asked if I actually meant calamine lotion to which I replied “of course I did, just testing you.” £3 later and off I went chuckling with a picture in my head of PG in a bath of Twinings tea. This turned out to be a waste of money. PG just screamed when we tried to put it on so we gave up after two attempts as she wasn’t scratching anyway. A bit of Calpol before bed and she remained happy throughout Monday

Things escalated pretty quickly

Day 3 – Tuesday
My first morning off work before Nana took over care of the sick one. I think we watched Toy Story (again) and did some colouring before I scarpered off to do some work upstairs in the afternoon. So far, PG is perfectly happy (this changes tomorrow believe me) and remains so all day. A fairly standard day, just without going anywhere. Night time is where everything starts to go arse-over-tit. I felt pretty minging all day Tuesday and went to bed feeling like I was getting a cold. Fast forward to 11pm ish and PG wakes up. I trot off to her cot to deal with the situation and walk into a wall. Just tripped, so I thought. Picked up the beast and gave her a cuddle before realising I didn’t feel well at all and had to put PG back in her cot immediately. Off I went to throw up and the next thing I know Wifey finds me passed out on the bathroom floor. I’m now being prodded and poked by the doctor to find out what went wrong, and I’m on a driving ban until tests are finished which is NOT AT ALL convenient. Please. Send sympathy.

Day 4 – Wednesday. Now we’re both off sick
Everything has officially gone to shit. I’m poorly, she’s poorly and now she’s getting mad because she’s not done anything remotely exciting outside the house all week. I’m mad because I can’t drive so we can’t even go for a road trip somewhere. Today is when she should be at nursery kissing boys and getting more diseases playing with her friends but no, you’re stuck here. Thankfully Grandma was able to help today as I was convinced I was going to die any moment and not really in a fit state to be in sole responsibility of a mini beast. We now have a poorly daddy and a whiny, mardy spotty madam.

The rest of the week – because I’m bored now
Now she’s extra mad as it’s another day she’s not going anywhere. I’m on strict orders to take it easy and have to go for blood sucking out of my arm (thankfully it comes easily). Grandma to the rescue again today and PG gets her first look at the outside world this week (from the car window) whilst she waits for me to see the phlebotomist. Friday sees more whining and then thankfully it’s the weekend.

Saturday – out of quarantine
Scabs were well formed now and we had planned to go see PG’s godfather today so we did. She was thrilled to be roaming around again given she’s such an adventurer and perked up the minute we left the house. We went to the park and had a wail of a time (and hopefully didn’t give anyone chickenpox. There’s some knob head parents out there who insist on giving you dirty looks when you have a scabby poxy kid playing within a mile of their child. Do one – we wouldn’t take her out if we thought she was still contagious).

So there we have it. It was back to nursery the following week and we’re just waiting for the final scabs to drop off and her skin to heal.

Some top tips for surviving chickenpox:

  • Make sure you’ve got Sky Movies and don’t mind watching the same film on repeat
  • Make sure you’ve got Calpol. Do NOT give Ibuprofen products to children with chickenpox as this can actually make things worse
  • Unless you want to pass it on, don’t go out until the blisters start to scab over
  • Try whatever you can to act as a distraction to prevent scratching. Scratched spots tend to scar leaving a permanent reminder of the trials and tribulations of chickenpox week
  • Get some paper and colouring pencils and go wild
  • Enjoy your time at home! It’s not all bad. PG was the cuddliest she’s been in a long time which was a nice change to the usual “get off me Daddy I’m independent now” attitude
  • Don’t ask for chamomile lotion. It doesn’t exist. Calamine lotion on the other hand is reported to be good for soothing the itchy skin, but as we gave up I can’t really comment on this
  • Always check the latest advice from the NHS here


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