Pregnant and expecting – Start here and don’t Panic

Pregnant and expecting – Start here and don’t Panic

Expectant new father with a pregnant missus? You’ve come to the right place. Screw the other posts for now (read those later), this is where you need to start. The information that follows matters so much it needs several pages of it’s own, always accessible from the site menu and never to be lost in a plethora of blog posts. This is for upcoming wizards of the fatherhood club. Guys that just haven’t realised their DIY skills yet, those who think they need to lie in at a weekend, who are expecting their first born and have no idea what’s about to hit them.

Pregnant and expecting - start here

You find out she’s pregnant. Whether planned or not, there’s an immediate thought of uncertainty and wondering whether you’ve actually got the balls to do this. How can you possibly raise a child, bring another human into the world. Worse still, half of her is made up of you. Start picking out your bad qualities now chaps, and start praying those ones don’t make the grade in the biological wonders that are about to happen. Count yourself lucky, you don’t have to grow the thing. It’ll likely take a short while for everything to sink in, but soon you’ll go into preparation overdrive rather than just pondering about the future and whether you’re going to explode into tiny pieces under the pressure of all this.

So start to prepare. Not just you, there’s two of you in this relationship. You need to get through the next chapter of your lives together. You need to make lists, look at your individual lives and think long and hard about what’s about to happen. Suddenly those trips down the boozer on a Friday night are going to go on hold (believe me that’ll happen way before the baby arrives), those umpteen takeaways a month need cutting back on, the expensive TV packages might have to go, the list goes on.

The Dad-to-be pages that will soon follow will tell you all about my experiences preparing for our daughter’s arrival.

Keep your cool, guys, it’s all going to be fine. There are plenty resources out there to help you keep your cool. Check out Babycenter or NHS, both of which have tonnes of information to help you stay calm!