Magnetic Kitchen Door Catches by Calish – Review

Magnetic Kitchen Door Catches by Calish – Review

Anyone who is subjected to a small child running around your kitchen will know all too well how much of a pain in the arse they like to be. Turn your back for a second and suddenly all the pots and pans are (hopefully) carefully positioned at random points around the room. If you’re really unlucky you get sugar, cereal or other edible stuff tipped all over the floor too. The solution? Cupboard catches.

We put this off for way too long. Frustration eventually prevailed and we looked for something suitable. As we’ve only fairly recently moved into the new pad I didn’t really want to be drilling into the units. A quick Google and up came these magnetic cupboard catches. £15.99 seemed a bit bloody expensive for what I thought were just a few sticky plastic things. Once they arrived though, I soon discovered they were well worth the money.

What You Get

There is a lot in the packet for the money. Ten locks and catches which is ample for the average kitchen given you don’t need to care about the high up units, two keys, and a load of spare sticky pads in case they do ever come off.

Kitchen Catches - Package Contents
Kitchen Catches – Package Contents

The mechanism is actually very simple. A plastic catch fixes to the door/unit and a very strong magnet releases the catch mechanism when placed at the other side of the door. If you’ve got stupidly thick doors you might have a problem, but for the average kitchen unit they work a treat.


Fitting them is a breeze too, just take your time over it – take extra time to read the epic instructions supplied. To give a flavour of what to expect, here is an excerpt:


1. This is not a toy (OK so far)
2. Stop using it if it brings any damage. Children can not use this lock without adults’ warship (sorry what?)

If you can’t decipher the instructions, there’s a few videos on YouTube which go through the fitting process.

Be aware that the sticky pads are VERY sticky so you should take care with placement. You only have a short amount of time to adjust them before the glue starts to bond to the units. If you do need to move something don’t worry. You need to exert a fair bit of force to get them off. They shouldn’t mark your units (they didn’t mark ours anyway).

I was able to get the doors on the kitchen units geared up in about thirty minutes. Double it if you’ve got a mini beast emptying cupboards whilst you’re trying to do it!! The catch mechanism can be disabled for those rare times when you are child free and don’t want to have to faff with the ‘key’ all the time to get in your cupboards. They can also be attached to drawers too, again something which is quite useful if your units will allow it.

Sorry, Kid!

So now we have a pissed off child* because she can’t empty our cupboards. We also have a smug set of parents whose house is a little bit tidier! That’s a VERY, almost undetectable, little bit tidier – we do still have an 18 month old whirlwind to content with.

Cupboard catches fitted? Take that little ‘un!


*She’s not really pissed off, she’s just found something else to test us with!!! I do not condone winding your kids up (at least not too much)

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