Spring! Time to get outside and dust off the garden toys

Spring! Time to get outside and dust off the garden toys

Ok so as with most my posts, this is a little overdue given spring officially starts in March. I’m well aware my online punctuality is crap – please leave any complaint in the comments below. Spring is time to head outside and dust off the garden toys!

This is PG’s first real spring, where she’s been active enough to really start to enjoy it. Weather wise it got off to a bit of a rubbish start (in true British fashion) but we’ve had some really decent days over the last week so it’s been out with the garden toys and into the fresh air.

PG was lucky enough to get a slide for Christmas which spent several weeks in the front room much to her delight. As we rotate her toys though it eventually ended up in the garage to be brought out this week, along with her swing, which we got last summer, and a super cool Little Tikes Climb n Slide that one of Wifey’s colleagues kindly gave us after her kids grew out of it – thank you dear chums. PG absolutely LOVES it.

The first thing any fun dad should do when retrieving slides from their winter home is to whack out the Mr Sheen.

There’s nothing worse than a shit slide (don’t look this up on Urban Dictionary – especially you Mum. Apparently it’s slang for your bum).

I’m even thinking about taking Mr Sheen with us whenever we go to the park. I know councils are having to endure eye watering cuts but the least they could do is make sure the slides in the local parks are actually slippery. Poor PG nearly ended up head over heels the other week because her feet didn’t slide and she flung herself forwards in excitement. Thankfully I caught her before she hit the deck.

Slides polished? Good. Get the little one to test it out but make sure you’re stood near the fence so you can catch her before she shoots over the top.

PG absolutely loves being outside and we spend many a happy evening before bedtime in the garden. We spent the weekend with our friends, and their daughter E who has a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car. PG is obsessed with it to the point we had a serious tantrum when E wanted a turn, in her own car, that PG had been playing with all day. A quick lesson/telling off about sharing (a nap was also required) and full happiness resumed. The bad news is it’s cost me 40-odd quid on her own car which should be delivered next week (woo! all fun apart from having to build it).

Playing outside in Spring before the sharing tantrum!

The additional bad news is that we now can’t open the blinds in the kitchen on a morning until it’s actually a reasonable time of day to venture out into the garden. We had tears at 6.50am today because she thought it was acceptable play outside at that time of day. Heck some of the birds were still asleep – slow down kid.

We’ve also resumed our long pram walks and found a lovely park in the village next to where we live. It’s a good little walk with swings, slides and a climbing frame for PG to explore when we get there. More tears when it’s time to come home (are you getting the jist of how it goes yet?). I think she’d stay outside 24/7 if we’d let her.

The good news is that she tires herself right out running round the garden or park. I really don’t know where she gets her energy from sometimes. We all come home knackered. It’s a fight to see if Wifey and I can stay awake past 7pm never mind PG getting through to bedtime!!


I’m very much looking forward to the next few months and spending more time. The little smasher is more fun every single day and we are chuffed to bits she enjoys being outdoors so much. When she’s a bit older we can introduce her to Geocaching which I’m sure she’ll also love! We’ve a lovely woods near our house where we’ll also be taking her soon!

Oh, and don’t forget to tether your swings to the the ground somehow. PG has put on a bit of timber over the last 12 months – not much mind. This coupled with her desire to swing higher than ever before, she nearly ended up tipping the thing over. Whoops!

What do you enjoy doing in the spring and summer?



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