The Eight Month Milestone

The Eight Month Milestone

Here we are again. Another month has flown by and my not so teeny tiny baby girl is now eight months old. She’s SO old now we’ve got the point of booking her 1st birthday party (now all she needs is some friends to invite whose names we actually know – I suppose we can start with the boy she holds hands with at nursery! Despite my warnings about boys she is still getting perilously close).

The big news this month is that there’s some TEETH! Not one but two of the little blighters, ready to take the finger off anyone who dares stick it in her mouth (I’m down to just two on one hand now). They’re sharp little buggers, but make eating tonnes easier! A top tip about teeth. Before they come along, get a baby toothbrush and make a point of lightly brushing baby’s gums. It won’t be such a hardship then when the real brushing starts. Wifey has some sort of song she sings whilst brushing and PG seems totally cool with having a funny ended stick rubbing her teeth. (There’s also various teeth brushing songs on YouTube. Learn one!)

She’s still not crawling but is getting closer by the day – she now makes a half arsed effort to get to things out of her reach and can hold herself up (just about) with her arms. It usually ends in a flop into the carpet when she just can’t cope any longer. I suspect there’ll soon be a realisation that if the legs also get moved there’ll be better progress made getting from A to B.

I regularly find myself thinking about what PG SHOULD be able to at this stage in her life. I know there’s no hard and fast rule but I’m always interested to know if she’s on the right track, ahead of schedule, lagging behind etc. She can sometimes pull herself up now when grabbing onto me or Wifey, so I’m sure it isn’t going to be long before we hear a thud after she’s pulled herself up on the sofa and then let go. We’re about to enter the world of inevitable bumps and falls, and without wrapping a baby up in bubble wrap (there’s a thought) there’s no safeguarding against EVERY little mishap.

PG does better and better with different foods now as time progresses. Gone are the days where she pulls a weird squinty face every time she tries something new, and has a decent varied diet. With the introduction of those little white things in her mouth, she can chew much more easily now, so it’s given us the opportunity to keep introducing new things into her diet.

Emotions seem to be being firmly established now, and we quite often have a few tears when doing the nursery drop off (this is rubbish for me seeing as it’s normally me doing the drop off). Apparently eight months is around the time there might be a bit of separation anxiety. This is perfectly normal and will pass. You can ease the situation by playing ‘peek a boo’ or ‘wheres daddy gone’ type games, to emphasise that as a parent you always come back.

This month we’ve had quite a few ‘firsts’ – some good, some bad, including:

  • First ride on a train!
  • First tooth fully through
  • First s**t that went all over the car seat, all over daddy, and all over PG (this was not a good day)
  • First weird rash where mummy and daddy got a bit scared

We’ve learnt to wave, clap, and we think PG can distinguish between the two using audible clues (ie we go “YAAAAAAY” she starts clapping, we go “BYE BYE” she waves). She did start clapping when I walked out of the room so either she was just confused or was glad to see the back of me – we’ll never know. I’m pretty sure she can nearly say “Daddy” too, although this might just be wishful thinking.

Enjoying her first train ride
Enjoying her first train ride

Needless to say, I’d not change her for the world. Even when there’s a crap day at the office I can always look forward to our playtime before bed on an evening, and the smile on her face when I leap through the door and make her jump.



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