The Six Month Milestone

The Six Month Milestone

Here we are again. I’ve found myself another month on, which feels like two bloody minutes, Phoebe is another month older and has thrilled us yet again with the progress she’s made in the last 30 days, and here I am trying to remember everything that’s happened so I can write about it here.

Birth to 6 Months - How time has flown
Birth to 6 Months – How time has flown

Every day I seem to end up proud as punch over something Phoebe has done. A month ago she was just drinking milk and having the odd lick of real food, now she’s ramming cucumber, tomato, yogurt, bread-sticks and more down her throat like she’s been eating for years (OK a bit of an exaggeration, but she’s taken to food epically well). We are trying to do baby led weaning which occasionally scares the crap out of me, but so far we’ve managed not to kill her, and she’s doing surprisingly well at not gagging on her food, so she’s picking it up nicely. Wifey keeps me firmly chilled (ish) and it’s getting easier by the day. This week we’ve had a good variety of food, from Cheesy Leek Bake to┬áTagliatelle Bolognaise, all of which were a hit with both Phoebe and me!

Whilst I was thinking about this post I was trying to think of everything she’s achieved this month, and the list seems really quite long. She can sit perfectly well by herself now, only very rarely toppling over when she reaches too far for something and overbalances. She’s really found her voice in the last few weeks too, and wakes us up daily babbling away to herself in her cot, and attempts to copy sounds you make at her (the raspberry blowing is still going on though, which is fine unless she’s a mouthful of food).

Raspberry blowing - fine unless her mouth if full!
Raspberry blowing – fine unless her mouth if full!

We’ve also just about learnt to wave! Phoebe looks a bit like the Queen when she waves at you. It’s really quite cute.


Bedtime is now a lot more structured. We’ve recently started putting her to bed at 7pm at the latest. At 6.45 the routine starts. Into the bedroom, bum change, then a story. If Phoebe is in the right frame of mind and not TOO tired, she absoutely loves books. The more colourful they are the better. It’s important to us that she appreciates books, and she’s already got a growing collection in her bedroom. After a story it’s into her sleeping bag for milk and then straight down in her cot. No messing about. On goes the baby monitor and the door gets shut. Most days she’s away with the fairies in under a few minutes and we don’t hear from her until 6-6.30am the next morning.

The biggest achievement of the month is definitely getting over the hurdle of going into a meltdown whenever someone other than me or Wifey were holding her. This was a magical moment and means the rest of the family really get a good time with her. It’s also made the next big thing of the month a lot easier too. Nursery!!! This week we’ve had two trial mornings and she’s absolutely loved it both times, which has helped put our minds at ease, given Wifey goes back to work next week so Phoebe will be there every week! Today she did a plaster hand print! It’s amazing, but was still wet when we picked her up so I can’t show you just yet sorry!!

We’ve not yet mastered the art of rolling over but she’s finally starting to at least put a bit of effort in so I’m sure that will come very soon.

Roll on the next 6 months. Can we start planning her birthday party yet?!



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