Wild Berry Kids Photography Photo Shoot

Wild Berry Kids Photography Photo Shoot

Those of you that follow Papa Pete on Facebook may have seen that we managed to bag a free photo shoot with Wild Berry Kids Photography. It’s a common thing that people who win cool stuff say “oh we never win anything” but it’s true – we don’t really win stuff (perhaps that’s because we don’t enter competitions but hey ho, got to be in it to win it right?). All we’d done was add our details to a mailing list at a fayre where Wild Berry had a stall and hey presto, winner winner chicken dinner.

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with the people at Wild Berry we finally found a date to suit both sides and got the shoot booked in. We knew that it would only be about an hour (in fact the actual shoot turned out to be about half that time, as we all know kids have the attention span of, well, a small child).

We’d had an introduction from the fine-art photographer, Stephanie (who is absolutely lovely) over the phone so we knew who we were going to meet. She has a well established business around London and moved to Yorkshire a year or so ago and has been getting her name out there ever since. With PG being 8 months old, it’s a while since we’ve had a proper photographer take any snaps (apparently I can’t call professional photos snaps, I hope it’s not too derogatory, just some blogger/Yorkshireman slang!!) so this was a perfect opportunity to stock up the home photo gallery, and as we are moving house we’ll be in need of some extra prints to hang on the walls!

On a sunny Sunday morning we drove to the studio, not really knowing what to expect. We’d had some info on what to dress PG in, nothing with patterns – just simple clothes – so we picked out a white dress with limited detailing. It worked perfectly. Stephanie is properly brilliant and PG was so comfortable with her she even gave her some cuddles in between “being papped.”


She’s a bit of a diva too, and was loving being in front of the lens! There were a few different sets so the background on the photos wouldn’t be all the same, all of which were really nice. Phoebe even managed not to fall off the massive bean bag despite her new rolling around skills that she’s constantly “practising.” Stephanie works quickly and knows how to keep kids attention. Obviously I’ve only got our own experience to go off, but judging by some of the other work she’s done, she knows her sh!t (sorry Mum). Me and Wifey could have left them to it without any problem – Phoebe G probably wouldn’t have realised if we walked off for a bit.

After around half an hour the little miss hit her limit and started to whinge (which made for some interesting photos (or mean, depending how you look at it)), which brought the shoot to an end. We got ready and headed home, knowing we’d be back in a week or so to look at the pictures.

Fast forward exactly a week and we went to meet with Stephanie again to look at the photos and endure the painstaking task of which ones we wanted. In half an hour we ended up with 44 truly stunning photographs.  Here’s a sneak preview, and we’ve carefully selected which prints we want, ready for the new house!!

Wild Berry Kids Photography
Wild Berry Kids Photography

I’m obviously biased, but PG is a stunner, and very photogenic too! Anyone need a baby model?!

Steph gets a 10 out of 5 (yes, really) and we’re already talking about booking a cake smash shoot for Phoebe’s 1st birthday.

Thanks Steph. Can’t wait to get our prints up which will really complement the huge newborn print we’ve already got on the wall from our newborn shoot. To contact Wild Berry you can check out there website at www.wildberrykidsphotography.com or on Facebook



Disclaimer: Remarks made for blog humour. Steph is a professional and definitely not the paparazzi, nor is Phoebe G a celebrity, although the way she’s going she will be soon!

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